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Tantalizing Time For Exciting And Amazing Living Traditions Festival

 Tantalizing Time For Exciting And Amazing Living Traditions Festival . Every year Salt Lake City hosts a most amazing musical and delicious palette of world inspired foods including arts & crafts. Downtown Salt Lake City                           Photo by M Outdoors A multicultural event that immigrants and local people can celebrate the diversity which lives in Utah. Tantalizing foods from faraway countries such as Serbian, Peruvian, Nepalese, French and African Creole to name just a few.  Musical styles and traditional folk instruments from different countries will be on display for all to hear. From a digeridoo to Taiko drumming the crowd at the festival will be tranced and delighted to hear the many cultural differences on stage.   Not to mention, the cultural dances from all parts of the world like Costa Rica, Poland, Japan and Iran. Between dancing and music playing, people can traverse Washington Square downtown which is on the City County Building grounds and the Library S