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Spotlights On Utah Every Month Of The Year

 I've been reading a lot of questions online, and I noticed lots of people asking, "When is the best time of the year to visit Utah?" I thought to myself and agreed that it's a good question. So let me break it down for all of you, and I'll highlight certain months, and get a feel for what is best about Utah in every month of the year. So ya lets go...  January The first month of the year, people come to Utah to ski and also to see the Sundance Film Festival which is up in Park City . Sundance Film Festival was run by Robert Redford and till recently he has been at the helm and excitement of the whole festival. The festival is a venue for independent filmmakers to bring their projects to light and show off their creative outputs in front of many Hollywood producers and the general public. Park City, Utah        Photo by Gela Del Rosario Park City, Utah              Photo by Gela Del Rosario February Ice Castles in Midway is a unique place to get your imaginati