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Take a trip back to the exciting Pleistocene Era in Utah

 About 110 miles west of Salt Lake City lies the renown Bonneville Salt Flats , a remnant of the Pleistocene era Lake Bonneville . For nature lovers and enthusiasts it is a sight to see, comparable to nothing else.  At one time Lake Bonneville covered a third of the State of Utah. The Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake are remnants of a once ancient sea that dominated the landscape.  During the summertime the temperatures at Bonneville Salt Flats reach over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and plunge below 32 degrees freezing point during the nights.                                                Photo by Leonardo Rossatti What exactly is the Pleistocene period? Well, it was the last Ice Age the world went through about 11,700 years ago . During that time the United States including Utah had saber toothed cats, mastodons and mammoths roaming the shorelines of Lake Bonneville, to name just a few.  The ancient seabed which is now Bonneville Salt Flats, was once the bottom of a inland sea t