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Photographers’ Paradise found in Utah

Out of all the places where you can splurge on opportunities for photographers, Utah is king. As Tom Petty said “it’s good to be king.” Utah truly is a photographers paradise considering all four of nature’s seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter are all displayed with robust colors. For example think about the Wasatch-Cache National Forest which has many first class ski resorts such as Alta and Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and then Brighton and Solitude ski resorts in Big Cottonwood Canyon. During the summertime Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons have a plethora of hiking trails and camping sites.                            Alta Ski Resort in Autumn The possibilities for photographers are numerous within only these two canyons, which are part of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. No where in the United States is the diversity of nature as vast as in the State of Utah. Within the state lines of Utah there are five National parks, not including the numerous

My First M Outdoors Blog Posting

Hello everyone. This is my first blog post. I enjoy taking pictures of nature landscapes and many other subjects. I am a contributor on Shutterstock. I have a profile and add pictures to it frequently.  I have also been an avid outdoors person. I enjoy sports all year round, during all four seasons - winter, spring, summer and autumn. I enjoy capturing beautiful pictures of Utah outdoors and also urban life or street photography. My interests are hiking, skiing, tennis and swimming. I also like seeing different kinds of architecture and I am also a bit of a foodie. My interests are far and wide, my photography does not only focus on landscape photography but also urban suburbia, cosmopolitan city life.  As of now my photography sets are broken up into twenty-seven categories: Editorials, Food & Drink, Architecture, Mountains, Black & White Photography, People, Nature-Leaves..., Trees, Flowers, Abstract Artistic Images, Birds, Hiking Trails, Green Foliage, Geology-R