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Enliven and Feast Your Senses Exploring Pioneering Salt Lake City

 People enjoy City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake City. A natural outdoor walking excursion with surrounding shops, food courts, and water fountains, just what the heart desires.  The historical city creek that runs its path through the heart of downtown Salt Lake City is also the path you can stroll through on your day off from work.  During a sunny spring day or a rainy downpour doesn't matter, because City Creek Mall has a retractable glass ceiling if in case the weather doesn't cooperate. Actual fishes swim in the creek and you can relax and sit by watching the fishes, just like a koi pond.  City Creek runs in the middle and pedestrians walk either direction on the sidewalks adjacent to the creek on either end. Truly an architectural wonder and a great opportunity to get outside and get some exercise or go see the excitement of seeing the public in a shopping frenzy.  Downtown Salt Lake City with City Creek Mall      Photo by Tanner Crockett Harmon's grocery store is