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Watch Gigantic And Interesting Soaring Landscapes Awaiting You

Of all the states in western United States... Utah is the most unique with Southern Utah deserts and Northern Utah forests. Salt Lake City is situated neatly along the Wasatch Front mountains , which are an outcrop of the Rocky Mountain range. Probably the most popular part of Western United States is the Rocky Mountains, the insurmountable undeniable intimidating mountain range. At least to the first pioneering fur traders and mountain men. Sunset over horizon in Southern Utah  Photo by Ignacio Pales  Luckily we are in the twenty-first century and we have many modern conveniences that pioneers didn’t have in the mid-nineteenth century. Since at least before Eisenhower put into creation the U.S. highway infrastructure , traveling into the westward boundaries of United States was much more difficult if not impossible. Of course people have traveled into the eastern regions, but on horse or by foot.  Lewis and Clark made the trek, and many others like Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett . Ev

Landscape Poetry: Let us allow nature to be nature, expand not into untouched wilderness

  Sandstone carved by time eternal in a deserted desert. The smooth curves are flowing as liquid frozen in time. Rain eroded and created a masterpiece for all to see till time eternal. Walk lightly upon these structures of time and space for they were created over eons of time. Creating such a masterpiece again would take longer than how long the human race has had to cultivate their understanding of this world. Will humankind be gentle and observant on how nature sculpted these canyons? Are we able to put aside expanding into nature and build upon the lands we already tread on? Let us not expand into the wilderness and make more scars upon this earth. Make better what is already being used and let us renovate and create better living quarters from the places we reside in now. Stop creating and encroaching upon the last natural lands of our earth. Lets make our land heal and help it heal for generations to come. Stop the expansion into untouched nature. We have our cities and towns and

Unplug the Internet and get into nature

  Written by M Outdoors Winter nights without internet can be long and thought-provoking. Instead of staring into a computer monitor, people can get cozy with a beloved book. Most people cannot recall a memory of when internet wasn’t so dominant in their lives. The World Wide Web became accessible to the public in August 1991, although most people had no clue on what it actually was.                                  Photo by Andrea Piacquadio In some ways I wish we could go back when Internet wasn’t around. Although on winter nights like these, we come to realize how convenient it is to order stuff on Amazon, and have it delivered to your front doorstep. I do think though we could benefit from unplugging from the internet, at least for a few hours a day. Just imagine the activities that you could accomplish without your computer. Serenity and silence in this world of ours is golden, a place for reflection is more important than the latest Tweet or Tiktok trend.        Photo