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Spotlights On Utah Every Month Of The Year

 I've been reading a lot of questions online, and I noticed lots of people asking, "When is the best time of the year to visit Utah?" I thought to myself and agreed that it's a good question. So let me break it down for all of you, and I'll highlight certain months, and get a feel for what is best about Utah in every month of the year. So ya lets go...  January The first month of the year, people come to Utah to ski and also to see the Sundance Film Festival which is up in Park City . Sundance Film Festival was run by Robert Redford and till recently he has been at the helm and excitement of the whole festival. The festival is a venue for independent filmmakers to bring their projects to light and show off their creative outputs in front of many Hollywood producers and the general public. Park City, Utah        Photo by Gela Del Rosario Park City, Utah              Photo by Gela Del Rosario February Ice Castles in Midway is a unique place to get your imaginati

Watch Gigantic And Interesting Soaring Landscapes Awaiting You

Of all the states in western United States... Utah is the most unique with Southern Utah deserts and Northern Utah forests. Salt Lake City is situated neatly along the Wasatch Front mountains , which are an outcrop of the Rocky Mountain range. Probably the most popular part of Western United States is the Rocky Mountains, the insurmountable undeniable intimidating mountain range. At least to the first pioneering fur traders and mountain men. Sunset over horizon in Southern Utah  Photo by Ignacio Pales  Luckily we are in the twenty-first century and we have many modern conveniences that pioneers didn’t have in the mid-nineteenth century. Since at least before Eisenhower put into creation the U.S. highway infrastructure , traveling into the westward boundaries of United States was much more difficult if not impossible. Of course people have traveled into the eastern regions, but on horse or by foot.  Lewis and Clark made the trek, and many others like Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett . Ev

Look! Exciting And Fantastic Sky Lantern Festival Coming To Utah

 Lantern Show in Utah is coming our way. Chinese tradition of lighting lanterns to welcome the spring season and rebirth in many ways. There are so many lantern shows in the U.S. and worldwide, this time here in Salt Lake City. It's a opportunity to go outdoors and at dusk release a lantern into the air and watch  dozens upon dozens of lanterns as they are released in the desert skies.  Lanterns being released    Photo by Abby Kihano Sky Lantern Festival is coming it will be on Friday and Saturday May 21 & 22nd 2021. Per their official website they say the Sky Lantern Festival is inspired by Thai Lantern Festivals. The prices for now in April are relatively low at 27.50 per person, which includes a lantern kit for ages 7 and up. Things you can bring with you are chair or a tarp or large blanket to rest on. No outdoor food is allowed, but they do sell smores which includes Hershey's chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows which can be put together to make about 10 smore

Hidden gems of Northern Utah's Logan for outdoor enthusiasts and everything in between

                                           Logan as a University Town Logan is home to Utah State University and with that said it is hip and always in the loop. What do I mean? Well, with university towns fluctuation of people is renewed every year. Graduation parties and new students coming in from all over the United States. Logan is also a city that is nearby a lot of outdoor activities namely Bear Lake and of course Logan Canyon .  What is the point of this article? Well, for one I would like to write about how nice and pleasant Logan is, and share some of its great attributes. Right of the bat I would say it is much cooler up in Logan than in Salt Lake City. Logan is about 82 miles away from Salt Lake City and it takes about an hour and twenty minutes driving.  The beautiful thing about Logan is not only the destination but the drive up north which can be very relaxing, given that you enjoy riding in a car. Some people don't appreciate the ride, but rather only focus on th

Landscape Poetry: Let us allow nature to be nature, expand not into untouched wilderness

  Sandstone carved by time eternal in a deserted desert. The smooth curves are flowing as liquid frozen in time. Rain eroded and created a masterpiece for all to see till time eternal. Walk lightly upon these structures of time and space for they were created over eons of time. Creating such a masterpiece again would take longer than how long the human race has had to cultivate their understanding of this world. Will humankind be gentle and observant on how nature sculpted these canyons? Are we able to put aside expanding into nature and build upon the lands we already tread on? Let us not expand into the wilderness and make more scars upon this earth. Make better what is already being used and let us renovate and create better living quarters from the places we reside in now. Stop creating and encroaching upon the last natural lands of our earth. Lets make our land heal and help it heal for generations to come. Stop the expansion into untouched nature. We have our cities and towns and

Spend weekend in Moab with family and discover an oasis that will heal

 Moab is a city in the middle of Utah which is well known for its outdoor activities. Moab is about three hours and forty minutes away from Salt Lake City. The distance from Salt Lake City to Moab is just under two hundred miles, around 197 miles. The great attraction to Moab is the red rock country its surrounded by. The city is very close to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  Of the two it is hard to pick which one is more popular, but the most famous arch called the delicate arch is in Arches National Park. The arch is called delicate because it looks as though it will eventually crumble from rain erosion.  People that live in Utah have an option to have the delicate arch as a background for their license plates. So you know I guess you can say that Arches National Park is the most popular.  Delicate Arch in Arches National Park              Photo by Chris Janda To get to Moab there are a few ways of getting there by car or by plane. The closest international airpo

Renown Shakespeare Festival and Amazing landscapes for outdoor enthusiasts is the winning combination

Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah will be here very soon. For all the Bard lovers and medieval dramatists that enjoy a bit of cultural enlightenment stay tuned! Cedar City is great for many things, but two of the most popular are its annual Shakespeare Festival and the beautiful red rock country that surrounds the southern Utah city. Starting in June and running till late August nine plays will presented and enjoyed by many. Of the nine plays, four of them will be written by Shakespeare.  William Shakespeare    Photo by Mike Birdy The part about the Shakespeare Festival is that it all happens during the summertime months and with that said Cedar City is surrounded by so many beautiful outdoor attractions like the Cedar Breaks National Monument. Only about 44 minutes away or 34 miles, you can definitely plan out a full day of seeing the Monument and then be back in time for a Shakespearean play in the evening.  Most plays start in the evening and the time you have until then can

Enliven and Feast Your Senses Exploring Pioneering Salt Lake City

 People enjoy City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake City. A natural outdoor walking excursion with surrounding shops, food courts, and water fountains, just what the heart desires.  The historical city creek that runs its path through the heart of downtown Salt Lake City is also the path you can stroll through on your day off from work.  During a sunny spring day or a rainy downpour doesn't matter, because City Creek Mall has a retractable glass ceiling if in case the weather doesn't cooperate. Actual fishes swim in the creek and you can relax and sit by watching the fishes, just like a koi pond.  City Creek runs in the middle and pedestrians walk either direction on the sidewalks adjacent to the creek on either end. Truly an architectural wonder and a great opportunity to get outside and get some exercise or go see the excitement of seeing the public in a shopping frenzy.  Downtown Salt Lake City with City Creek Mall      Photo by Tanner Crockett Harmon's grocery store is