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Family friendly hike near Salt Lake City

  Family friendly hike near Salt Lake City So we’ve all heard about amazing hikes that take all weekend, right? How about a quick hike that is more friendly for the family and kids? Something that is near to Salt Lake City and would take only thirty-minutes max, a mini hike. In this age of computers, iPads and iPhones, some outdoor activities for kids is important and wise. There is the Bonneville Shoreline Trail which is accessible through the U of U Research Park, you head up north toward Red Butte Gardens and parking is available by the Natural History Museum. Another access point is across the street from Hogle Zoo which is near the opening of Emigration Canyon. The Bonneville Shoreline trail is relatively flat without any major inclines and the trail doesn’t have a lot of jagged rocks. Most of the time you’ll see joggers and mountain bikers upon the trail. The views from certain points of the trail give you a beautiful outlook of the Salt Lake Valley. The namesake of the