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Upcoming Bonsai Show at Utah's Red Butte Gardens will excite and soothe your senses

 I am a lifelong enthusiast of Bonsai and I had to write about Red Buttes upcoming springtime bonsai show. Nestled up against the Wasatch mountain foothills resides Red Butte Gardens. It is Salt Lake City’s unofficial or official ( I'll let you decide) Botanical gardens. The garden itself is unique in its own way because they try to plant plants that do well in Salt Lake’s desert climate. 

Photo by Eva Elijas

The actual Bonsai show happens indoors in a beautiful contemporary building which lets the sunshine in.  Mark your calendars the show will be April 10th and 11th of 2021. Within Utah lots of people enjoy working in their gardens and take pride in their kept gardens, all with their personal touches filled with perennials or annuals. 

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh

The art of Bonsai originated in China. Over time the art was introduced to Japan and became a beloved art to the Japanese. The whole idea was to try and create miniature replicas of nature inside the confined spaces of a planters pot. It takes time, patience and an imagination of what you want your bonsai to become, and of course some luck. 

With all this said the Bonsai Show always has some beautiful mature trees that have been in training for many years if not decades. Apart from the show there are other parts of Red Butte Gardens where you can meander through and take in as you take the exterior gardens.

 At the same time actually through March, April and May Red Butte Gardens has blooming tulips throughout their gardens. 


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