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Spotlights On Utah Every Month Of The Year

 I've been reading a lot of questions online, and I noticed lots of people asking, "When is the best time of the year to visit Utah?" I thought to myself and agreed that it's a good question. So let me break it down for all of you, and I'll highlight certain months, and get a feel for what is best about Utah in every month of the year. So ya lets go... 


The first month of the year, people come to Utah to ski and also to see the Sundance Film Festival which is up in Park City. Sundance Film Festival was run by Robert Redford and till recently he has been at the helm and excitement of the whole festival. The festival is a venue for independent filmmakers to bring their projects to light and show off their creative outputs in front of many Hollywood producers and the general public.

Park City, Utah       Photo by Gela Del Rosario

Park City, Utah             Photo by Gela Del Rosario


Ice Castles in Midway is a unique place to get your imagination flowing with gigantic ice sculptures, including slides and tunnels which you can walk through. All this and beautifully lit ice castles of different colors. The venue is a great place to take your kids and family, especially if you have some daughters who like Disney's Frozen movies. But any kid or adult of any age would be mesmerized and pleasantly entertained by the view and amazing creativity that the ice sculptors create for only a few weeks time, because once the weather warms up the venue closes down. So it is an event that is very timely and unique.

Ice Castles in Midway                 Photo by Jacob Campbell

Ice Castles in Midway         Photo by Jacob Campbell


Loveland Living Planet Aquarium off of I-15 heading southbound is a great place to see aquatic life, like sharks, penguins, and other amazing creatures of the sea. During March in Utah lot of the time it is actually pretty cold still even though the first day of spring is on the 20th of March. The Living Planet Aquarium is a great indoor activity for the family and children to stay warm and out of the harsh wintry blasts that Utah is so used to in March. 

Jellyfish at Living Planet Aquarium          Photo by Jacob Campbell

Purple exotic fish at Living Planet Aquarium                    Photo by Audi Nissen


April in Utah is sometimes very rainy or even snowy, depending on the year. So the Natural History Museum of Utah is a great indoor activity. The complex is located in the University of Utah Research Park right next door to Red Butte Gardens. Kids and adults alike can imagine and see skeletal remains of dinosaurs that roamed in Utah eons ago.

                         Pictures & Video made by M Outdoors            


The Tracy Aviary is located within Liberty Park off of 700 East in Salt Lake City. It is a outdoor activity and fun for kids and parents to see all the exotic birds on display. May in Utah is usually very nice warm weather and the rain and or snow that was prominent in April is usually by May gone or non-existent. Including the Aviary itself the aviary is within Liberty Park which has lots of fun activities like tennis and basketball and a big pond where wild birds from outside the Aviary swim and relax.

                           Flamingos                        Photo by Creative Workshop


The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is a great place to seek solitude and the possibilities of camping, hiking, biking and a great family getaway, without the big crowds that you'd run into at the mighty five National Parks in Utah. The land is rich with history going back to when dinosaurs roamed the land and early prehistory civilizations like the Fremont. The Fremont civilization received their name from the river that runs through Utah and eventually connects to the Colorado River. For all scientific people there is something here to see and experience. There are many petroglyphs that are left behind from the prehistoric Fremont civilization.

Southern Utah around Torrey                                      Photo by James Lee 


The Saturday Market at Tuacahn in Ivins, Utah is a great place to check out if you are into fun filled local craftsmanship and great food too. The summer hours are June through August 9am to 1 pm. The entrance fee is free, although you do have to pay for food or arts & crafts that you buy from local vendors.

Snow Canyon Drive in Ivins, Utah                Photo by Brandon Nelson


Alongside the beauty and grandeur of Bear Lake at the top and other side of Logan Canyon, there is the Raspberry Days Festival complete with a parade and rodeo and delicious fresh raspberry shakes. People can camp at Bear Lake, wake up in the morning and drive to Garden City which is just right alongside Bear Lake, the entire lake is in parts in Utah and Idaho. After coming out of Logan Canyon you can turn left which will get you to the state line of Utah and Idaho, or you can turn right and stay within the Utah state lines. Either way you go, there are camping sites and cabins you can rent for the weekend or just one night. If all else fails, you can stay in a motel or hotel in Logan, and drive up Logan Canyon for a nice day trip.

Logan Canyon             Photo by Courtney Smith


Polynesian Days in Lehi  Or Utah State Fair is a great idea for a nice September day. The State Fair is filled with rides and food & drink for kids and their parents. Lots of fun with farm animals, cows, pigs, bull, chickens, roosters, etcetera. The food is great State Fair food like hot dogs and roasted Utah corn, pork, ribs, crab cakes, deep fried Jell-O, and other unique and quirky foods. There is also live music with different types of styles. 

The Polynesian Days in Lehi is a fun celebration of heritage and coming together. Great and unique dances and great food to go along, it is a nice celebration and festival for the entire family.

Photo by Madison Inouye


Timpanogos Cave National Monument is a great place for a steep hike up towards an amazing cave that has been around since who knows how long. But the cave was found by accident in the late 19th century around 1887. The cave system was designated a National Monument in the early 1920's  and the National Park Service took over in the early 1930's. The trail up to the cave or caves (There is a total of three caves that are connected) is paved with asphalt and so the hike up is strenuous but doable. The hike to the cave entrance is about one mile and a half (1.5 miles or 2.4 km)

Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon          Photo by David Wirzba


Since 1931 Hogle Zoo has been a staple of great family fun and a great place to see some great animals. There is also the train ride that kids and parents enjoy every time they ride around and see the lions and giraffes, donkeys, etc.. The zoo is not exactly big as San Diego Zoo, but does have a good range of animals from bears to hippos, and alligators to insects and smaller animals like snakes and monkeys. Let us not forget also elephants and polar bears. Hogle Zoo has refreshments and drinks to keep you cool. The entire zoo can be traversed in about an hour or two.

                          Video and Pictures by M Outdoors


Salt Lake City Downtown Public Library or  Temple Square Lights are a good idea in December. The Temple Square Lights are traditionally lit every December for all to see and enjoy. The entire Temple Square grounds, trees and surrounding area is decorated in celebration of the life of Jesus Christ. The Salt Lake Library is a unique architectural achievement and unique downtown library. The downtown Public Library in Salt Lake has a main corridor and then entrance into the library. The entire building is mainly built out of glass and is a unique building to experience.

                        Video and Pictures by M Outdoors

                        Video and Pictures by M Outdoors


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