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Upcoming Bonsai Show at Utah's Red Butte Gardens will excite and soothe your senses

 I am a lifelong enthusiast of Bonsai and I had to write about Red Buttes upcoming springtime bonsai show. Nestled up against the Wasatch mountain foothills resides Red Butte Gardens. It is Salt Lake City’s unofficial or official ( I'll let you decide) Botanical gardens. The garden itself is unique in its own way because they try to plant plants that do well in Salt Lake’s desert climate.  Photo by Eva Elijas The actual Bonsai show happens indoors in a beautiful contemporary building which lets the sunshine in.  Mark your calendars the show will be April 10th and 11th of 2021. Within Utah lots of people enjoy working in their gardens and take pride in their kept gardens, all with their personal touches filled with perennials or annuals.  Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh The art of Bonsai originated in China. Over time the art was introduced to Japan and became a beloved art to the Japanese. The whole idea was to try and create miniature replicas of nature inside the confined spaces of a

Top 10 Ski Resorts in Utah to try out on your next vacation

Snowbird Out of all the ski resorts Snowbird is quite unique. The two iconic trams one blue and the other red are popular in their own right. They both take the skier during winter or hiker in summertime to the top of Hidden Peak which stands at 11,000 feet above sea level. At the top of Hidden Peak you can hike down in summertime or ski down in winter. There is also the option to take the next tram down the mountain  if you're not in for a hike or skiing in winter. The base camp at Snowbird is 8,000 feet, it takes approximately ten minutes to reach the summit rising within ten minutes = 3,000 feet in elevation. There is a restaurant at the top of Hidden Peak called The Summit. It has pub food for those that enjoy a quick snack. You can always take with you in your backpack a small lunch though if you're on a budget. Snowbird allows both skiers and snowboarders on their slopes. Snowbird also hosts the Oktoberfest in September every year, which is a great idea if you want to get

The Top 4 best ski resorts in Utah are only the tip of the iceberg

So why is the snow in Utah called "the greatest snow on Earth"? First of all let me say it should actually in my opinion be,  Why is Utah's snow the best snow to ski on? Because the more dense hard snow is on the bottom and the fluffy lightweight snow always ends up on the top. Ok that is one explanation but still why does it always end up gnice and soft? I can say it surely is more fluffy and soft, because when I skied in Colorado, namely Loveland Ski Resort, my body felt like it was run over by a semi-truck when I fell down. In Utah your butt literally doesn't feel so bruised if you fall. Not to say that Colorado skiing is not good, it certainly is and abundant at that, no doubt about it. But in general people would agree that Utah's snow is world famous for its nice fluffy powdery snow.  Most of the reason for being so nice is fluffy is for one the location of the ski resorts in Utah. Salt Lake City is for the most part a desert oasis surrounded by en

Getaway and Experience the sunshine during a weekend with your loved ones

                                                                   Photo by Trace Hudson As we all know St. George is kind of a get-a-way for local Salt Lake City locals. If you're looking for a quick vacation and most importantly want to get away from the cold weather, then St. George is it. The climate is always a little warmer down south in St. George. The city is also common for having a lot of retired people from Salt Lake City move down there, because the warm weather does well on their aging bones. It is kind of like the western version of Florida for New Yorkers. If people on the west coast want to get away they usually think of Florida. West of the Mississippi there are many choices when it comes to outdoor recreation. Here in Utah...St. George is the destination for weekenders and outdoor enthusiasts. The other part which is quite unique and great is that St. George has a lot of family oriented activities. Of course that plays well with Salt Lake City, since th

Take a trip back to the exciting Pleistocene Era in Utah

 About 110 miles west of Salt Lake City lies the renown Bonneville Salt Flats , a remnant of the Pleistocene era Lake Bonneville . For nature lovers and enthusiasts it is a sight to see, comparable to nothing else.  At one time Lake Bonneville covered a third of the State of Utah. The Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake are remnants of a once ancient sea that dominated the landscape.  During the summertime the temperatures at Bonneville Salt Flats reach over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and plunge below 32 degrees freezing point during the nights.                                                Photo by Leonardo Rossatti What exactly is the Pleistocene period? Well, it was the last Ice Age the world went through about 11,700 years ago . During that time the United States including Utah had saber toothed cats, mastodons and mammoths roaming the shorelines of Lake Bonneville, to name just a few.  The ancient seabed which is now Bonneville Salt Flats, was once the bottom of a inland sea t

Enjoy a getaway from the hustle and bustle and visit Desert Pearl Inn

 If you are looking for a great get-away from the city and you love the great outdoors; come to Southern Utah and take in the amazing landscapes created by nature. Southern Utah is world renown for its beautiful red desert rock vistas. If you're coming from Salt Lake City or you're a world traveler you definitely want to stay more than just a day or two. Springdale is the natural gateway to Zions National Park among other great destinations. Within Springdale there is Desert Pearl Inn , a beautifully located hotel which is situated in close proximity to Zions.                                    Photo by Lukas Kloeppel                                         Since the late 1990's the hotel has been in business, it is owned by a family which has its roots deep in the Southern Utah locality. The service of Desert Pearl Inn is amazing according to testimonies from adventure seekers and travelers from all over the world. Rooms at the Desert Pearl Inn run from $249 to $

Unplug the Internet and get into nature

  Written by M Outdoors Winter nights without internet can be long and thought-provoking. Instead of staring into a computer monitor, people can get cozy with a beloved book. Most people cannot recall a memory of when internet wasn’t so dominant in their lives. The World Wide Web became accessible to the public in August 1991, although most people had no clue on what it actually was.                                  Photo by Andrea Piacquadio In some ways I wish we could go back when Internet wasn’t around. Although on winter nights like these, we come to realize how convenient it is to order stuff on Amazon, and have it delivered to your front doorstep. I do think though we could benefit from unplugging from the internet, at least for a few hours a day. Just imagine the activities that you could accomplish without your computer. Serenity and silence in this world of ours is golden, a place for reflection is more important than the latest Tweet or Tiktok trend.        Photo